Our Collection

The Collection

Owner Ken Thwaits has been a Chevrolet Camaro fanatic since his early teens.

In 2013, he started searching for the perfect collector Camaro and ended up with 25 swoon-worthy models. 

Since inception Chevrolet has produced five generations of Camaros. We have assembled an enviable collection with something for everyone – from investment level stunners, to fun, street-ready Camaros – representing all five generations.

We proudly display our collector Camaros in Franklin, TN for those who wish to see them up close and personal.


First Generation

Title of Car:
1969 Camaro DZ302

Nickname of Car:

1969 Camaro RS Z28

Other Info:

This is our Z28 with a Rally Sport package.  It has dual carburetors which we call a cross ram, which gives it more power.  We put this engine on the dyno to tune the carbs and to get the thing to run right. 355 at 7,200 rpm. The cross ram also requires a different camshaft. For old tech its a screamer and pretty cool!